Journey Into the Past Tours - Your Key to the Ancient Southwest

The Salmon Ruins Touring Program is designed to give you a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the amazing archaeological treasures of the southwest under the guidance of professional archaeologists and active preservationists.

Your guides are recognized professionals and experts in their field - when they aren't providing tours, they are actively conducting ongoing research on and preservation of these same treasures you will visit!

Explore some of the professionally guided tours we provide to meet any of your needs and wants...

Walk with the Ancients

Get an expert and personalized tour of Chaco Canyon, where you can see Fajada Butte, great houses, an isolated great kiva, and the Small Houses.

Experience Diné History

View incredible, soul-filling vistas of the Land of Enchantment.  Soak in the warm New Mexico sun and free your imagination as you walk in the footsteps of the earliest Navajo.

Have you Dreamed It?  Do It.

Let us prepare a custom program for you - from all-inclusive packages, to simply having a guide join your tour group or coach.


Using the links, read more about how the Salmon Ruins' touring program can provide you with the deepest and richest experience of southwest and Four Corners history...